How To Start A Website For My Business

Should I build my website myself or hire a web development professional?

In order for any business to compete in today’s digital world it must have a strong internet presence. Whether you offer a tangible product or a service, customers comparison shop online everyday. Your website is your virtual showroom and customers go to the company that has the best presentation. So, when it comes to choosing your internet marketing tools, you should choose wisely.

There are many considerations for a small business that’s serious about growth. Obviously, the purpose of any marketing tool is to generate new business and maintain existing business. This means a website that performs well.

  • Attracts and holds the attention of visitors
  • Provides visitors with a pleasant user experience
  • Has smooth functionality
  • Converts visitors to customers
  • Functions on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Propagates your brand

The question of DIY or hiring a professional is answered by asking yourself if you have the time and inclination to learn what a professional webmaster knows. Just because you have a website doesn't mean anyone will visit it. And, if no one visits your website it’s just a waste of time and money. There is no such thing as a DIY website that performs as well as a professionally designed and developed website. Your site also needs ongoing attention to become and stay relevant.

  • New information updates - Search engines like fresh content
  • System data backups - Easily recover from system failures
  • Security and platform version updates - Mitigate the risk of breaches and glitches
  • SEO (search engine optimization) - Competitive search engine rankings
  • Browser compatibility monitoring - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Traffic analysis - Know what’s working and what isn’t

In many cases, you can get this level of service, performance and security from a professional for the same price as a DIY. This is especially true when you consider that DIY doesn't necessarily mean FREE.,, and all have monthly fees and premium services. When you visit the sites of your most admired competition, how well do you think their sites are performing? Do you think their websites are DIY? Of course, we all have to start somewhere but let’s not start by shooting ourselves in the foot.

Add some great photo and video content, a social media strategy, and a little advertising and you have yourself a winner!